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We always encounter below situation during the process of appreciating Pu’er tea. Compared with other kinds of tea, the aroma of Pu’er tea soup is still sufficient after being brewed for 16 and even more times.


Why Pu’er tea is more endurable for brewing than other kinds of tea? What are the factors influencing endurable brewing degree of Pu’er tea? Is overall quality of Pu’er tea positively correlated to endurable brewing degree? 


Eight factors influencing endurable brewing degree of Pu’er tea




1. Variety of tea tree

The production material of Pu’er tea selects big-leave sun-dried green tea in Yunnan. Most of the tea trees grow in originally ecologic remote mountains with small pollution and little man-made interference. With good self-regulation ability, this kind of ecological environment can reduce appearance probability of extreme climate. By depending on biological diversity, it can reduce plant diseases and insect pests, thus providing more suitable condition for the growth of ancient tea trees.

Besides, most ancient tea trees grow with ancient trees in the forest. Tall ancient trees in the forest can reduce direct sunlight and provide more diffused light for tea trees loving diffused light. Under environment of diffused light, tea tree can synthesize more containing substances. In large-leave Pu’er tea, the contents of tea polyphenol and caffeine (main functional substance and taste substance of tea) are relatively higher, so it’s more endurable for brewing. 



2.Age of tea tree

Under equal climate and ecological environment, Pu’er tea of aged ancient tree is generally more endurable for brewing than Pu’er tea of young tree. 



3.Season of picking tea

Those being particular about tea usually consider the season when selecting tea. Generally, three are three seasons for tea, namely spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea. Spring tea goes through the sediment in winter and nitrogen metabolism of tea tree is good. Therefore, the content of amino acid in tea is obviously high and content of catechinic acid is correspondingly high. Another feature of spring tea is that it contains rich content of pectin, which has important relation with shape, luster, mellow and sweet tea soup of tea. Relatively speaking, spring tea is more endurable for brewing than summer tea and autumn tea. 



4. Craft of making tea

If the rolling in tea-making craft is heavier, cell wall of leave is more damaged and water extract is dissolved more rapidly, then endurable brewing degree will reduce correspondingly. On the contrast, cell wall of Pu’er tea being kneaded to bar is little damaged and containing substances are dissolved slowly, so it seems more endurable for brewing.




5. Shape of tea product

After Pu’er tea is pressed to cake, it’s not only beneficial for more sufficient conversion of containing substances, but can greatly reduce the dissipation of tea polyphenol and containing substances during storage period. As a result, preservation in any form (compressed tea or loose tea) will influence endurable brewing degree of Pu’er tea.

Similarly, if the tea is pried into more pieces, water extract is dissolved more rapidly, then the tea is not endurable for brewing. If tea strip is complete, water extract is dissolved regularly, so it’s relatively endurable for brewing. 




6. Year of tea product

Endurable brewing degree of tea is neither simply “obliquely upward” or “obliquely downward” line with storage time, nor simple parabola. In fact, it’s more like wave line. For some time, it’s more endurable for brewing. Occasionally, it’s not endurable for brewing.

The aged tea with proper storage year and reaching the best period for taste seems like a soundly sleeping person, and it needs more time to awaken. If the tea is more aged, it needs longer time to awaken. Wash tea for more times while brewing, which will be more beneficial for the substances in the tea to dissolve and release, and the taste will be better. 



7. Tea quantity

When brewing tea with purple clay teapot at 300ml, tThe quantity of tea is 7.5 grams, and the taste is better.. If putting too little tea, it’s not endurable for brewing. 



8. Speed of making tea soup

If the speed of making tea soup is slower, soaking time of tea is longer and dissolved substances is more, the tea is not endurable for brewing. 


Many factors influence endurable brewing degree and determine quality of Pu’er tea, while endurable degree is only one of the measurement standards. Above sayings are just for reference. If any resemblance, it’s purely from those engaged in the same pursuit. 


If a kind of Pu’er tea can not only bring about extraordinary feeling of drinking, but is endurable for brewing, which will be better. When selecting Pu’er tea, tea friends should make overall consideration to select the proper cup of tea in heart. It’s not easy to get aged tea, so cherish well while drinking.


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